Free Games Round-up! (Mini-Reviews)

Bubble Pets!: For a limited time only Miiifan Games’ outrageously addictive App Store debut, Bubble Pets!, is free to a good home. Normally priced at $0.99, this NES-style, retro twitch action game boasts super-cute 8-bit pixel art and ten levels of fast-paced fun.

Stages see you frantically tapping bubbles containing adorable pets, while avoiding a certain animal each time ’round. A spattering of bonus items and the appropriately titled  “fever mode” (featuring eye-popping and potentially epilepsy inducing special effects) help make things more interesting.

What with its cutesy visuals and easily grasped gameplay mechanic, Bubble Pets! may be geared toward a younger audience, but I challenge gamers of any age to give this one a go and not get hooked! Game Center leaderboard and achievements round off this attractive and action-packed little title nicely. Well worth a download. [iTunes Link] [xrr rating=3/5]

MathQuest: Ah, math my old enemy, we meet again. Having previousely taken inspiration from pen and paper classics like Xs an Os (PenTacToe) and board games (BrainTaire) for their ongoing series of fun freebies Laddha Inc try their hand at edu-tainment for their latest, MathQuest.

The game tasks the player with solving twenty equations on a grid style game board. Success is achieved by matching up math’s problems with their solutions. Randomly generated sets of numbers mean no two games will be identical!

As ever with Laddha’s games, MathQuest features an easy to use interface and benefits from the ability to play your own tunes whilst gaming. However, in spite of my almost complete lack of prowess when it comes to math, I found this title quite easy to breeze through, so I’d question whether or not it will provide a meaty enough challenge for mathematical whizzkids. Could be a fun way for parents to get the little ‘uns to brush up their sums though. [iTunes Link]

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

Cat Run (Lite): We took the full version of Demonual StudiosCat Run for a spin a while back, and adored its fur-raisingly thrilling gameplay and great use of off-kilter comedy. Be sure to check out our full review here.

This new trial version allows you to sample the first environment from the game, and sees you help as many kitties across a busy motorway as possible whilst avoiding traffic. Well devised controls and a neat line-drawing mechanic make this a pleasure to play, while the game really does get epically addictive!

The lite version demos Cat Run’s fun gameplay well, and has recently been updated with snazzy new Retina display high res graphics. Meoiw! [iTunes link]

[xrr rating=4/5]