Wrap Your Eyeballs Around This Beautiful Teaser Trailer for ‘Freeze! 2 – Brothers’


Remember Frozen Gun Games’ quirky physics-based puzzler Freeze!? You should. Back in 2012, the game captured the hearts and minds of gamers and critics alike thanks to a winning combination of wildly imaginative puzzles and gorgeously surreal art and music direction. It then went on to rack up a staggering 11 million+ downloads and win multiple awards and accolades.

Given all that success and acclaim, it’s hardly surprising that Frozen Gun have been hard at work on a sequel, Freeze! 2 – Brothers, which they are just about ready to unveil to the world.

From the sounds of it, Freeze! 2 will retain everything you loved about the original game while also kicking things up several notches in the gameplay and graphics departments. For starters, it adds a new hero to the mix (the little brother of the first game’s main character) who should bring an extra layer of complexity to the proceedings, since the brothers have to work together to clear levels. Players will also have to contend with all-new environmental hazards like — beautifully simulated — puddles of water and other poisonous liquids, lethal electric fields, and more.

Basically, the guys at Frozen Gun are promising Freeze! 2 will be “bigger, better and even prettier” than the original in every way imaginable, and based on the trailer it looks like they are going to deliver:

Freeze! 2 is scheduled to release for both iOS and Android on September 24, 2015. Unlike its predecessor, it will be a premium game — priced at a very reasonable $1.99 — with nary an annoying ad or in-app purchase in sight (Yay!).

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a pre-release copy of Freeze! 2 here at iFanzine, so keep an eye out for our review, which should hit the site on or around launch day. In the meantime, to find out more about Freeze! 2, you can visit the game’s official site or follow the folks from Frozen Gun Games on Facebook and Twitter.