Help Kickstart ‘FrightShow Fighter’, a Stunningly Offbeat and Unique Indie Fighting Game


3 Fright — an indie programming triumvirate composed of Gus Fink, Jeff Brown, and Doug Kavendek — recently pitched their idea for a mobile fighting game to the world, which wouldn’t be the most unique thing ever until you perused their combatant line-up. Rather than featuring the traditional stock cadre of bizarre martial artists hoping to win first place in some tournament, or quest for some mystical source of reality-shattering power, 3 Fight’s cast of combatants are all a bit more macabre (and frequently undead). FrightShow Fighter’s planned line-up includes: Faceless, a mutant rabbit with laser beam eyes; Xonolox, the eldritch dark lord master of all flies; Krunchy and Dr. Igg, a pajama wearing tri-clops monster riding a PHD-wielding Unicorn; as well as seven other beasts.

Promising a unique control scheme — at least in regards to how fighting games are normally played on mobile devices — players will either be able to conquest across one of many story-based maps, or against online opponents (with cross-compatibility promised). During these story-maps players will run into randomly selected opponents, whom have additionally been given a random assortment of perks, all in order to ensure that no two play throughs of the same level set will ever go down quite the same. As you do so your chosen monster will earn better stats — and even power ups — slowly over time, eventually enabling you to take your freak of nature to deeper regions to continue their beat downs.


However — in order to fully realize their plans, which have been in the making for nearly eight years — the trio had no choice but to ask Kickstarter’s community for help, whom in turn provided the requested $5,000 in a period of just two weeks! Clearly many people out there wanted to see Gus’s demented creations throw down nearly as much as he did, but — with an entire two weeks still remaining — there’s still much work left to accomplish. 3 Fright — as previously mentioned — would like to have FrightShow Fighter working with full interoperability on a variety of platforms, however — unless vital stretch goals are achieved — the game is currently only scheduled to arrive on Steam and mobile devices.

Currently a pledge of just $15 is all that’s needed to secure your very own — fully unlocked — iOS copy of FrightShow Fighter, as well as early access to the game while it’s still being beta-tested (and, if you act fast, you’ll even get custom artwork by Gus). Meanwhile — for those even more dedicated to eldritch throw downs — further backer rewards include: copies on Steam, prints of concept artwork, a physical boxed copy, the official backer poster, and even a chance to meet up with the entire staff over at 3 Fright. However — should you now find that FrightShow Fighter has peaked your morbid curiosity — you’ll need to be sure your donations are chipped in before April 15th, or else all of these ground floor opportunities will forever pass on from this world.