Featured Image for our news on From Eva With Green. It features three different frames from the game with turquoise, beige and deep blue backgrounds.

From Eva With Green Is A Pinball Adventure With Art Similar To Flower, The Game

Crescent Moon Games is set to release a charming pinball adventure titled From Eva With Green on iOS. It launches on January 31st and pre-orders are now open. Priced at $0.99, it’s set to offer a relaxing experience with minimalist vibes and soothing music.

Just so you know, Crescent Moon Games’s lineup of games includes Remortal: A Spiritual Journey, Gears Forever, Luminaria: Forgotten Echoes and Neodori Forever Premium. If you have played any of their games before, you might already know that they are aesthetic-heavy and offer cool casual gameplay.

Is It Eva Green, The Actor?

Well, no! It’s about another Eva who sends you a cryptic letter. And what about the green part? That’s courtesy of the green keepsake she throws in with the letter. In the game, your tasks include collecting seeds, planting them and nurturing nature based on Eva’s letter.

Along with it, you’ll be assisting some pretty lovable characters in restoring their inner peace. You’ll meet a playful kid, an optimistic grandma knitting sweaters for her grandchildren, a lonely man playing the flute and more intriguing characters. As you progress, you spruce up your surroundings with vibrant and beautiful flowers.

Visually, From Eva With Green is all about a minimalist vibe. Elusive and uncanny, the characters and scenes are beautifully low-key, adding that extra layer of emotion to your pinball adventure. So, if you’re into low-key yet emotionally charged games, this one’s definitely for you! Go ahead and pre-order it on the App Store! On that note, why don’t you take a peek at the trailer?

Ever Played Pinball Video Games?

Pinball video games are the digital version of the classic arcade pinball machine. In such games, the main idea is to keep the ball bouncing around for as long as you can, get high scores and unlock new things in the game. From Eva With Green follows the same tactics, coupled with visual charms and interesting characters.

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