Fully Illustrated Getting into the Game-Making Business this Summer with ‘Wulverblade’!


If you’re an iOS gamer, chances are you’re already familiar with Michael Heald and his award-winning design studio Fully Illustrated. Over the past four or five odd years, Michael’s had a hand in a number of high-profile iPhone and iPad game releases – Fieldrunners, Super Turbo Action Pig and Haypi Dragon, to name but a small few – in addition to designing multiple video game-related websites and highly memorable company logos for the likes of Cascadia Games and FatCow Games.

Now the venerable Mr. Heald is ready to put all that experience to good use (and realize a long-held dream), by creating his very own game: side-scrolling hack’n’slash epic, Wulverblade. And he’s pretty psyched, to say the least:

Wulverblade is the product of a careers worth of dreams that are finally coming to fruition. Long have I dreamed of putting together my own game, and now, after almost 15 years in the creative industries, I’m finally doing it.

Here’s what Michael has to say about the upcoming game over on fullyillustrated.com:

Michael HealdThis will be no ordinary side scroller, oooooh no, Wulverblade is going to be truly cinematic in every respect. The game is being illustrated, animated and built in glorious 1080p HD! It will be adorned with breathtaking cinematic cut-scenes presented in tandem with a truly epic soundtrack and full voice acting throughout. I aim to level up on everything I’ve ever created with Wulverblade.

The core underpinning of what will make Wulverblade special will be its attention to detail on EVERY level. The story is so deeply routed in British history and folklore that it draws on historical fact, historical theory and truly breathtaking classical folk stories.

ETA: Wulverblade is due for release on PC, iOS, iOS GameDock and Mac during summer 2013. In the meantime, be sure to follow both @michaelheald and @Jode_Steele (who’s collaberating with @DaveWainwright for the game’s soundtrack) on Twitter for regular status updates on how this incredible-sounding title is progressing.

Source(s): FullyIlustrated.com & Vimeo