Fun Freebies: Gingy, Tiny Troopers & Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword!

Give your poor ol’ wallet a well-deserved rest and try this cherry-picked selection of great iOS games for free!

Gingy (App Store Link): Formerly known as Ginger Run, Oleg Kapitonov’s entry into the overstuffed side-scrolling running game genre stands out from the competition thanks to its whimsical nursery-rhyme inspired premise, simple yet surprisingly challenging gameplay and a very generous helping of content and bonuses. Oleg was in touch with iFanzine earlier today to let us know about a fresh update to Gingy that improves the game’s interface, adds new missions and tweaks its controls to be more comfortable and clear for users. Sweet!

Tiny Troopers (App Store Link): Chillingo are offering Kukouri Mobile’s Tiny Troopers free for one week only! Booya! We thoroughly enjoyed Tiny Troopers, calling it “a standout action game for its rock solid interface, meaty persistent campaign and a quirky treatment of modern warfare” in our full review. Over the past year we’ve also conducted a couple of must-read interviews with Kim Soares, Kukouri Mobile CEO, the first of which focuses on Tiny Troopers while the second is an absolutely fascinating discussion about violence in videogames.

Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword (App Store Link): Looks like XperimentalZ Games have permanently reduced the price of DRWAPS to $0.00. Great news for anyone out there who hasn’t yet got to grips with this stupendously entertaining Action RPG/Platformer. Here’s a link to our full review of the game, where we say lots of lovely things like, “DRWAPS is the kind of genre mash-up gold that we need to see more often in the App Store!” Again, we’ve got a pretty interesting developer interview for fans of DRWAPS to check out.