Racers jumping over platforms and using power-ups in Fun Run 4.

Fun Run 4 Brings Rayman Legends-Style Multiplayer Racing to iOS

Fun Run 4, the latest entry in the multiplayer racing series, has just launched on iOS. Those that have played Rayman Legends will find this a familiar experience, as you strive to beat challenging platforming levels before your opponents.

What Is Fun Run 4?

You play as your favourite animal and race against others in real time as you strive to finish platforming levels before your opponents. There are a ton of maps, and each of them are full of obstacles to avoid.

There’s also a Mario Kart-style power-ups system that lets you attack your opponents with a variety of different items, including spinning blades, beartraps, and magnets. You can protect yourself with shields and well-timed jumps.

You can race head-to-head against a bunch of opponents, or team up with a friend in 2v2. There are leaderboards to climb too, so if you like to show off your skills, there’s your place to do it.

The maps are varied, and provide you with a different experience each race. That’s part of the challenge, navigating the platforms while utilising power-ups and staying ahead of the pack.

Can I Customise My Character?

Yes, you can customise your character with a wide variety of different outfits. These include hats, shoes, and jumpers. For some reason, the animals in this game don’t have legs, though I guess that could be a nod to Rayman.

App Specifications and IAPs

The download size is around 300 MB and it requires iOS 12.0 or above to run. It is a free-to -play game, so expect in-app purchases. The starter pack costs $2.99 with various gem packs available ranging from $1.99 to $49.99.

Where Can I Download Fun Run 4?

If you are interested in competitive online platformers, you can grab Fun Run 4 from the App Store right now.