Funko Pop! Blitz is a Fast-Paced Match-Stuff Puzzler, Out Now on the App Store

Funko Pop! Blitz is a match-stuff puzzler that features the podgy-faced toys that everyone apparently loves nowadays. It’s got some interesting twists up its no-doubt adorable sleeves and you can grab it right now from the App Store.

The game takes place on a grid and you need to match faces into vertical lines, horizontal lines, squares and big ol’ L shapes. If you’ve played a match-stuff puzzler on your phone in the last few years then you’re going to know what to expect.

Big matches give you special moves, special moves clear the board. Make your matches quickly and you’ll enter blitz mode, which gives you extra points. There’s a time-limit too, and once it’s up your score gets totted up and you get some coins.

You’ll spend those coins on more Funko Pops, which have different powers you can use when you’ve charged them up by clearing the relevant faces from the board. It’s all solid, it’s all vaguely compulsive, and it’s all available right now.

Click here and you can download Funko Pop! Blitz from the App Store. The game won’t cost you a penny and there are a bunch of IAPs that let you get bunches of in-game currency. After all, you’re probably going to want to collect all of the Funko Pops on offer, since that’s sort of the point.

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