Featured Image for our news on Funny Fighters: Battle Royale. It features a bunch of funky characters from the game with the logo in blue and white.

ROFL With Funny Fighters: Battle Royale, A New Game On iOS!

Easy to play, hard to put away! Funny Fighters: Battle Royale is a new game released on iOS today. The game has been around for PC and Android for a few months but has made its debut on the App Store today.

Is It Funny?

Yes, it is! It’s almost your regular battle royale, but with a hilarious twist that’ll have you in stitches! Full of quirky characters like Tony, the fashion-forward barber, Dr Peculiar, the doctor who rocks an afro, DJ, the sassy and beat-obsessed musician, and Wukong, the coolest dude! There’s also Nerdy Nelly who’s always immersed in textbooks, and Horseman, your go-to healer.

The gameplay is fun! Funny Fighters: Battle Royale lets you have an intense PvP action. You’ll be pitted against another player. Kill them to win the game with the help of crazy weapons like Gas Tanks, Selfie Sticks, and even Luggage. Rival still bugging you? Just throw a glob of stinky poop at their face! Holy moly!

Dive Into This Unique Battle Royale

The game has a good design, and the in-game currencies are not really hard to collect. You can play 8v8, 5v5, 4v4, 3v3, or solo. But, that’s not all. It has a bunch of wacky game modes that don’t make it boring. For example: Under 4v4, there are three different modes City Classic, Gold Rush and Soccer Match, each of which has different missions and weapons.

Funny Fighters: Battle Royale is sure to make you laugh out loud. Each five-minute battle is filled with unique twists, absurd weapons and multiple skins to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Get the game from the App Store and try it out!

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