Future Racer Review

Gravity defying flying machines? Check! Twisting tracks floating miles above terra firma? Again, check! Pounding techno tunes? You bet!

Okay, so it’d be easy to write-off Assyria Studio’s Future Racer as just another Wipeout wannabe, which to an extent it is, but spend some time with the game and it becomes evident the developer has put a lot of love and care into crafting this stylish entry into an increasingly crowded genre.

Everything about Future Racer screams speed, from the zippy loading screens to the main event, the fast-paced races against weird looking competitors. And it’s here the game excels, with a great sense of velocity as you hurtle through events at a ratting rate.

Tilt controls are well implemented and intuitive, while acceleration is handled by pressing a finger anywhere on the screen ( it would seem brakes are a thing of the past in this high flying future).

The game’s graphics, on the other hand, hark back to PSone era titles. This means ships look slightly blocky, while there’s some pop-up on buildings and other trackside scenery, but then again you’ll hardly notice it given FR‘s unrelenting pace.

Any shortcomings in the visual department are soon forgotten as you take to the skies for some thrilling, against the clock racing. Tracks are littered with power-ups, which give your ship a turbo boost, but also speed-traps that if hit carve precious seconds off your finish time. Thus skillful driving/flying is a must to win gold!

Winning events unlocks (increasingly phallic-like) new crafts and topsy-turvy tracks for your racing pleasure. There’s a nice variety between the six environments, races taking a lush rain forest, a futuristic cityscape and more. And weaving your way through these inventive settings, whilst doing battle with clever opponents, is nothing short of exhilarating.

Final thoughts? Well I can’t help but wish Assyria had thrown a few weapons into the mix (a combat mode would’ve been great!), and fingers crossed the dev decides to add a few more tracks in future updates. All in all, though, FR is great fun and well worth the asking price.

iFanzine Verdict: Future Racer is a turbo-charged, nostalgia inducing thrill ride, and Assyria Studios are rapidly proving themselves a force to be reckoned with on iDevice.

7.5 out of 10