‘Game of Nodes’ Is a Massively Multiplayer GPS Strategy Game for iPhone & Apple Watch


Taking a page from the previous success of Ingress — the game where players, utilizing GPS, fought to control a variety of real world landmarks — the Jousta Collective recently announced their plans for Game of Nodes. Rather than fighting to control landmarks, players must instead strive to take control of vital street intersections (with various bonuses being awarded when they control all the corners of a single street block). Conquests of already occupied nodes are handled via dice, but players can use special Perks — earned by controlling blocks — for a variety of offensive and defensive aids (such as locking down a node with mini-games that must be won before a siege can start).

However — in order to bring their plans to a variety of iDevices, as well as the Apple Watch — the Jousta Collective is currently seeking $10,250 over on Kickstarter, of which over $4,500 has so far been secured. Considering there’s still an entire 23 days remaining on this Kickstarter’s countdown, things are currently looking rather up for Game of Nodes’ odds of successfully being funded. That said — early gains aside — there’s still much work remaining to be done if Game of Nodes is going to successfully reach its target on time, for October 30th is less than a month away.

Ergo — should you be interested in helping — a pledge of just $8 is all that’s needed to secure your very own fully-unlocked launch-day copy, plus exclusive backer-only digital wallpaper. Meanwhile — for those extra eager to be claiming every last node they can — additional rewards include: all future DLC for free, your name listed in the credits, tons of starting in-game currency, beta-tester access, exclusive T-shirts, and much more! Finally — should you happen to have an entire whopping $10k sitting around — the Jousta Collective will fly you over to New York City; after which you’ll dine with them, and then perform a live-test of Game of Nodes with the app’s very own development team.