‘Game of Thrones’ Inspired Strategy Game ‘8 Bit Kingdoms’ Coming to iOS This Winter


Code Bunny — a group of game makers living in Canada — have recently announced their plans for a retro-graphics themed real-time strategy game, claiming to draw massive inspiration from Game of Thrones. In it various players will strive for total domination of the kingdom of Leftos, a realm where your goal is to either obliterate — or at the very least outlast — all of the other hopeful rulers striving for the crown. While over running the competition with the sheer muscle of your army is certainly one potential way to go, you could just as easily build up your walls and wait for the Ice Zombies to take them out.

Having been working on the game — largely in secret — since the company was first formed back in April 2013, the team at Code Bunny will soon be ready to bring 8-Bit Kingdoms to a variety of platforms (including iOS). However — as each platform has its own release fee — the group has recently turned towards Kickstarter seeking $900 (CAD), with any overage determining how many additional platforms they can reach. Currently their progress towards this goal seems to be going rather well, with more than a third of their required amount — sitting at $360 (CAD) so far — having been achieved in just the first day alone.

8bitkingdoms2You can currently secure a day one copy of Code Bunny’s 8-Bit Kingdoms for a pledge of just $5 (CAD), with the game’s current planned release date set for December 2014. Meanwhile — for those willing to back the project even more heartily — additional rewards for 8-Bit Kingdoms’ backers include: unique unit skins, beta-tester access, exclusive in-game hero units, backer T-Shirts, being mentioned in the game’s credits, and much more. However — for anyone willing to donate a whopping $250 (CAD) — the people over at Code Bunny will even you let you help design an in-game soldier unit that will be named after yourself, making you the eternal envy of future 8-Bit Kingdoms players everywhere.

Although Code Bunny currently plans to launch 8-Bit Kingdoms later this winter, they’ll never survive the oncoming onslaught of the Ice Zombies if you don’t chip in your donations before June 22nd.