Gamelight Gives Away $20 Million in Rewards in 3 Months

Mobile game recommendation platform Gamelight has already given away $20 million in rewards this year, so if you haven’t got in on the action yet you’ve been missing out on a goldrush.

This number, by the way, is by far the largest sum given away by a game recommendation platform in the same timeframe, underlining the fact that Gamelight is the most popular and reliable way of earning free gift cards and vouchers by playing games. 

Too Good to Be True?

Nope! Believe it or not, Gamelight’s business model really is that simple. 

Gamelight wants you to try out new games, and it gives you rewards for doing so. These come in the form of virtual points that you can exchange for vouchers to redeem on PayPal, Amazon, iTunes, and elsewhere. 

All you need to do to earn these points is complete certain quest-like actions. Your behaviour helps developers to design better games, and so it’s only fair that you get paid. 

According to Gamelight, millions of gamers have found their favourite mobile games this way, so hard cash isn’t the only reward on offer. 

Tremendous is a company that works with Gamelight to distribute these rewards, and its Co-Founder and CEO Nick Baum had this to say: 

“Tremendous and Gamelight have been partnering to provide large volumes of gift cards to Gamelight users globally across all of Gamelight’s game recommendation platforms, both on iOS and Android. Gamelight serves as a trusted partner for Tremendous, fostering mutual success through our collaborative efforts.”

$20 Million (and Counting)

Aside from connecting developers with players using financial incentives, Gamelight also aims to help gamers manage the information overload that comes with the sheer abundance of games on the mobile app stores. 

How? By finding out what they like, and gently encouraging them to play those titles. The raw numbers appear to show that the strategy is working. 

In the last three months alone, Gamelight has given away $20 million through 2 million gift cards. The company operates seven different game recommendation apps in 11 countries across Europe, Asia, and North America, and boasts 10 million users in Tier 1 regions alone. 

How Does Gamelight’s AI Algorithm Work?

When you play a game on Gamelight’s platform, you generate data on your playing style, your preferences, your gaming history, your demographic profile, and so on. 

All of this information helps Gamelight’s algorith to optimise its recommendations for you and other users. It’s like a dating app, matching players with their ideal games. 

Like Tremendous, Tango Card works with Gamelight to supply rewards. David Leeds, the company’s Founder and CEO, is enthusiastic about the partnership.

“Starting from 2022, our partnership with Gamelight has experienced consistent growth as we manage millions of gift cards for their global user base, spanning from the Americas to Europe, Japan, and Australia, just to name some of the countries. 

“Gamelight’s Gaming Loyalty Platform is one of the largest and fastest-growing platforms within our network. Gamelight’s collaborative approach, creativity, and exceptional growth rate reflect our shared commitment to success.”

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