Gameloft Announce ‘Spider-Man Unlimited’, An Endless Runner Starring Multiple Spider-Men


If you ask me, there are two things Gameloft always do very well: 1) endless running games (see: Despicable Me: Minion Rush) and 2) Spider-Man games (see: the recently released The Amazing Spider-Man 2 amongst others). Which is ideal since they just announced Spider-Man Unlimited, a free-to-play endless running game featuring non other than your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

The trailer for Spider-Man Unlimited that hit the web this weekend does a fantastic job of showcasing the game’s cel shaded, comic book-style visuals, fast-paced web-slinging action, and intense-looking boss battles with members of The Sinister Six. It also hints at Unlimited‘s storyline, as we see Spidey bumping into several offshoot/alt dimension versions of himself, such as Ben Reilly and Spider-Man Noir.

Spider-Man Unlimited is scheduled for release on iOS, Android and Windows Phone in early September. Gameloft will be showing it off at this year’s E3, so expect to hear a whole lot more about the game then. To tide you over in the meantime, here’s the official blurb and announcement trailer:

Fans will enjoy the thrill of swinging, running, and fighting through a chaotic New York on the brink of destruction, as The Formidable Sinister Six attempt to gain unlimited power by opening a malevolent dimensional rift to our world. It’s up to Peter Parker and iconic Spider-Man variations such as Iron Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, Future Foundation Spider-Man and Ben Reilly Spider-Man to team up and stop them.

Fans will be inspired to collect and upgrade over 23 different Spider-Men, the most variations in any game, as they battle through an episodic adventure, featuring three narrative-driven issues facing Green Goblin, Vulture, Electro, and their dimensional counterparts along the way.

Source: Facebook