Gangstar: Miami Vindication Explosive New Trailer!

With Gang$tar: Miami Vindication, the prolific developer’s second stab at bringing a fully-featured, fully-3D GTA-alike to iPhone, it would appear Gameloft are out for vengeance against that small but vocal group of detractors who just love to hate on their game’s cringe-worthy dialogue and clichéd scripts.

Notably, one of the key writers of HBO’s gritty crime series The Wire has been drafted in to pen Vindication’s sprawling story, while the illicit action will unfold against a much larger and more detailed urban environment this time around. Judging by the trailer below, new vehicles like motorbikes, helicopters, and jet-skis will also play a large part in the game’s 70 plus missions.

A sequel to smash-hit Gang$tar: West Coast Hustle, Miami Vindication promises to be “the most ambitious crime simulation ever developed for handheld.” No mean feat considering the critical adoration lavished on Rockstar’s iPhone adaptation of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. So will Gameloft manage to one-up Rockstar? Guess we’ll find out when Gang$tar: Miami Vindication hits the App Store on Thursday the 23rd.