Gears Forever

Swipe, Collect And Beat The Clock In Gears Forever, A New Puzzler On iOS

Gears Forever is an upcoming 3D puzzler set to release on iOS tomorrow. Published by Crescent Moon Games, it’s free to play and offers in-app purchases. Crescent Moon Games is known for other puzzle games like Luminaria: Forgotten Echoes, From Eva with Green and Bumballon as well as for racing and adventure games like Neodori Forever Premium and Time Master.

Gear Up!

If you ever played the 2011 title Gears, then yes, you somewhat know what Gears Forever is about already. The upcoming puzzler is a successor to the old puzzler. But if you never played the original Gears, here’s a quick lowdown of the game!

Gears Forever takes Gears up a notch. It’s a 3D ball-rolling adventure through levels packed with rotating gears, colossal hammers with barrel-shaped heads, platforms in constant motion, and all sorts of hurdles. Your mission is to swipe your way to points, collect gears and beat the clock at each level.

Crescent Moon Games has termed Gears Forever the boundless form of Gears. The game is decked out with better 3D graphics than the original one and three unique worlds. First up is the Brass Menagerie, where you’ll roll through different levels filled with machinery and gears.

Next, the Rivers of Magma needs you to dart hot magma and find your way through paths in a volcano. Lastly, the Cavern of Omens guides you through underground caves filled with shiny crystals, lakes and a bevvy of tricky challenges. Sounds fun? Then, head to the App Store and grab the game.

The original Gears is still up and running on the App Store. It’s got 27 challenging levels, and completion times vary from a quick 45 seconds to a more leisurely 10 minutes. If you fancy trying that out too, head to the App Store.

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