the image shows navia looking up to the sun with a smile. Her curly blonde hair flowing behind her

Genshin Impact Navia Weapon Tier List – January 2024

Feeling ill-equipped? Our Genshin Impact Navia Weapon Tier List ensures you select only the most OP of weapon choices for Navia creating a match made in heaven. Navia has the potential to be a powerful unit if you nail the weapon choice, which is what our rankings aim to do!

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Genshin Impact Navia Weapon Tier List

Don’t forget our tier lists are subjective. We try to build our tiers to be as unbiased as possible. We use personal experience, player feedback and external sources to help craft them. That said though, you still may not agree with our suggestions and that is OK! We hope that our tier list was helpful a little bit though.


Simply the best! These weapons are the best fit for Navia and you should try to equip these if possible.

  • Verdict


A little less than the best. Weapons here are still solid choices if you don’t have access to any from the S-Tier.

  • Serpent Spine
  • Skyward Pride
  • Akuoumaru
  • The Unforged


Averagely good, averagely bad. Weapons here are simply… So so.

  • Beacon of the Reed Sea
  • Wolf’s Gravestone
  • Tidal Shadow


Weaker weapons belong here. Don’t settle for less! Navia deserves better than these.

  • Talking Stick


Yikes! You’re out of luck if these are your only options for Navia.

  • There is nothing here!