Get Both Door Kickers Games for 99c Each

The Door Kickers games offer some smart, tactical gameplay from a couple of different perspectives. And right now you can pick them up for the dirty, dirty low price of just 99c each. Sounds like a bargain to us.

Door Kickers sees you leading a SWAT team from a top-down perspective, using strategy and tactics to pick your way through tight levels, saving hostages, shooting bad people and trying to stay alive.

The action is in real time, but you can pause to take stock and change what your team’s doing. There are loads of levels to work through, and a mission generator that offers a new challenge every time. Here’s a trailer.

Door Kickers: Action Squad offers a side-on perspective and ups the ante in terms of the action. You’re flying solo here, picking one of six different characters, taking down enemies with a variety of gear and weapons and working your way through 80 non-linear levels.

There’s an endless tower mode, a zombie horde mode and loads more to sink your teeth into. Plus some gorgeous retro graphics. Here’s a trailer to feast your eyes upon.

Both of the games are well worth checking out, so get yourself ready for some download links.