Get Indie Horror Classics Distraint: Deluxe Edition and Distraint 2 for 99c Each

The Distraint games are dark, side-scrolling psychological horror games that deal with regret, humanity and the cost of our mistakes. They’re creepy, but there’s some bleak humor here too, and right now you can get both of them for just 99c each.

The games are a side-scrolling mixture of point and click adventuring and puzzle solving. Nothing is ever quite what it seems, and you’ll have to have your wits about you if you want to get to the end. They tell the story of a young man named Price who sells his soul to get the job of his dreams.

There’s a lot to love in both of the games, and they’re put together wonderfully. From the graphics to the audio, everything about the game comes together to capture a very specific kind of atmosphere. Here’s a trailer for Distraint 2.

And right now you can pick up both of these excellent experiences for just 99c each. That’s a massive saving, and a lot of horror-themed fun for less than two dollars. What’s not to love?