Featured Image for Girls' Frontline. It features the T-Doll named Negev with a gun. She has her signature pink hair and the background is pink too.

Girls’ Frontline Gets Major Updates

If you enjoy the strategic gameplay in Arknights or the naval battles in Azure Lane, then I guess you already know about Girls’ Frontline. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Girls’ Frontline got a major update this week. So, what’s new and what’s returning in Girls’ Frontline V3.02? Let’s find out.

What’s New?

The dystopian RPG by MICA features a roster of 100+ T-Dolls (Tactical Dolls). With every update, the developers usually buff or nerf some T-Dolls or even introduce new ones. It’s no different this time. The skill effects of many characters have been upgraded.

The highlight of the latest update is, perhaps, the addition of voices for several T-Dolls. The list includes Executioner – Blood Fiend Huntress, Colt Walker, Erma and the SCAR sisters, SCAR-H and SCAR-L.

Her ability to transform her artificial limb into a scythe makes Executioner – Blood Fiend Huntress a hit among many GFL players. Along with a new voice, you’ll now be able to capture her in the Area S09 Goblin Market Outer Rim.

The update brings back Intruder, the 3-Star Coalition Unit. This ring leader will be available in Segment SP914. However, it’s only till December 11th, so make sure you get your hands on it before that.

Oh, and guess what? A brand new feature called Gray Zone Exploration has also kicked off. This feature includes four command battle missions. On top of these, you can see two more missions, viz., Special Nodes and Map Mechanisms.

And there is more! Phew! A rerun of Eclipse Saga will be available for a week starting November 14th. So, go swipe your heart out to change between different gachas! Check out the official website of Girls’ Frontline to learn more about the game.

Up For Some Tactical Warfare?

Girls’ Frontline includes tons of exciting features such as skill systems, a coherent story and different themes with firearms. The lore and strategic gameplay make this game a must-try. Download it from the App Store and see for yourself! Meanwhile, check out this other exciting RPG Sunny Rebirth: Pirate King and battle pirates in One Piece style!