Giveaway: Win 5 $10 iTunes Gift Cards Thanks to appsasia & Jellyoasis’ Lich Defense!

To celebrate Lich Defense’s awesome half-price sale which kicks off today on the App Store, we’ve teamed up with our good pals at appsasia and Jellyoasis Inc. to give our readers the chance to win 5 $10 iTunes Gift Cards!

But first, here’s the official synopsis of the game: “Similar to Elf Defense, Lich Defense is a gorgeous and well designed TD game — except with a darker side and new twists. The player controls the evil Lich King and must strengthen him with new skills, spells and special items against the oncoming forces of men looking to slay him for glory. Lich Defense includes a new feature where users will be presented with 3 side quests per each stage which will affect their ranking and what they earn. There are a total of 60 quests and over 30 stages to play.”

And just like Jellyoasis’ Elf Defense before it, Lich Defense has racked up glowing reviews from both fans and app critics alike, with App Advice noting the game has “a very solid Warcraft III feel to it” and calling it “(a) great addition to any tower-defense genre lover’s library!” So, suffice it to say, this one comes highly recommended!

Now onto the giveaway! As ever, entering is a simply a matter of completing the steps below:

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