Giveaway: Win Adventure Bar Story, Sonic 4 & More!

Another week, another giveaway here at iFanzine, and we think this one’s pretty awesome — though we must admit we’re just a little biased. Leading the pack this time is the recently updated Adventure Bar Story, ZigZaGame Inc.’s and Rideon’s restaurant sim/JRPG mashup. It certainly whet our appetite for more genre mashups in this vein and readers crave it judging from the User Score average, so we were totally excited when ZigZaGame’s Ryan Kelley swooped in with 10(!) copies for you all! You can thank him by liking ZigZaGame’s Facebook page, and as a bonus, there are more chances to win Adventure Bar Story there.

Let’s see what else is in this week’s prize bag:

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II: As far as videogame villains go, I’ve always had a soft spot for Metal Sonic. That’s why it’s cool to find out SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog releases on iOS – including the re-released Sonic CD – are really a vast conspiracy to give the character a contiguous story arc! That’s definitely something we can get behind, to say nothing of Bluetooth co-op play and many technical improvements over the previous episode. We’re gifting one copy to a lucky reader!

Non Flying Soldiers: You’ve gotta hand it to Blue Shadow Games — while many iOS developers would prefer to find one niche and hunker down in safety, they’re keen on venturing into as many genres as possible. To wit, they’ve followed up the mech shoot ’em up Death Cop and the topsy-turvy adventure Naught with this logic puzzle game published by Chillingo. In Non Flying Soldiers you put the finishing touches on obstacle courses before unleashing your bird-brained soldiers in hopes all of them make it through intact. While you’re waiting to see if you won the copy we’ll be gifting, have a listen to the game’s soundtrack!

As always, entering is as easy as –

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