Giveaway: Win Puckerz! Remastered & Grove Keeper HD!

We’ve got two top-rated games and a total of ten promo codes up for grabs this week! First up is Groundbreaking Games’ action-packed and addictive Puckerz!, which just received a massive new update. iPad owners who like their games quirky, cute and drop dead gorgeous are in for a real treat too with the HD version of Grove Keeper by CGMatic Co.

Puckerz!: “A smashing debut. App Store newcomers Groundbreaking Games meld uber-polished visuals and sterling sound design with a beautifully simple concept to incredibly compelling effect. Puckerz! is an absolutely effortless recommendation.”

You can read our full review here.

To celebrate a stonking new update which amongst other improvements adds full Retina Display support, 2 fantastic new game modes (Time Attack and Sudden Death) and much-requested features like ‘In-Game Zooming’ and ‘Puck Brakes’, our good friends at Groundbreaking Games have given us 5 codes for Puckerz! Remastered.

Grove Keeper: “Just as satisfying as it is quirky, Grove Keeper is a surefire hit for Castle Defense and Real-Time Strategy fans who can do without heavy RPG or resource management elements. Thanks to its stylish execution and streamlined gameplay, it’s also very worth the attention of more casual gamers looking for something that’s easy to pick up and play but will also last a while.”

Check out our full review here.

Courtesy of the kind folks at CGMatic Co., we’ve got 5 codes for this fun Real-Time Strategy, Castle Defense, and Physics Puzzle mash-up to give away.

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These games look absolutely fantastic in motion, so for your viewing pleasure I’ve included full trailers for both below: