Glass Bottom Games Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With a 50% off ‘Jones on Fire’ Sale!

image(3)The generous dudes and dudettes at Glass Bottom Games are celebrating Cinco de Mayo today with a cross-platform 50% off Jones on Fire sale, meaning you can now pick up this action-packed and adorable Endless Runner for only 99¢ on the Amazon App Store, Google Play and, of course, the iTunes App Store!

If you’ve yet to add Jones on Fire to your Endless Runner collection, we totally recommend you take advantage of this weekend’s discount. Need more convincing? Well, perhaps this snippet from our recent 5 star review of the game will do the trick:

Jones on Fire has everything an ideal Endless Runner should have: a highly compelling concept that gets forever stuck in your head, amusing writing, charming graphics, fun music, tight controls that are easy to master, and an emphasis on fun rather than Grind-Vs-IAP gameplay.

So long as you aren’t some sort of handlebar moustache twirling villain that dunks kittens into ponds as part of your afternoon tea ceremony, I can’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t want to join Emma Jones in her eternal mission to save every last one of the kitties.