Gnarly New Trailer for Kumobius’ ‘Time Surfer’!

Whoa, dude! Kumobius, the Melbourne-based indie studio behind Bean’s Quest (read our review and developer interview), have just unveiled a gnarly new trailer for their next major iOS game, Time Surfer.

The accompanying press release also does a great job of making Time Surfer sound like one heck of a fun ride:

Time Surfer follows the last surfer travelling through the galaxy, haunted by an inevitable, destructive force: the end of universe itself.

The surfer’s only defense? He can cheat death by rewinding time. Time Surfer mashes up two very different game ideas to make something new: Tiny Wing’s simple physics-based slingshot gameplay and Braid’s mind-bending time reversal. The result? A twitch-based, time-rewinding, amped-up ride across the fabric of time and space!

ETA: Q1 2013. Check out Kumobius’ website and Twitter feed for more details.