Gnomitaire is a new Card Game From the Developer of Card Crawl

Tinytouchtales has released a new card game, Gnomitaire. And while it might not have the scope of the likes of Miracle Merchant and Card Crawl, it’s still a brilliant pocket-sized puzzler that’s going to keep you entertained with its tight gameplay.

The aim of Gnomitaire is getting rid of 16 cards. Sounds pretty easy. You’ve got four columns in front of you, and you can lay cards into them. The cards in your deck are one of four different suits. And at the bottom of each card are some icons to show you what suit you can place on top of them.

It’s a really simple set-up, but it requires some pretty deep thinking. It’s easy to play yourself into a corner, sticking a card down and finding that within a couple of moves you’re going to be stuck.

That’s the beauty of solitaire card games, and Gnomitaire captures that in a perfectly mobile-sized package. On top of that it’s got the same gorgeous art-style that you’ll find in Tinytouchtales’ other fantasy card games.

Click here and you can download Gnomitaire from the App Store. It won’t cost you anything to pick it up, and it’s going to fill up a good chunk of your mobile gaming sessions with ease.

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