Goat Simulator+ Out Now on Apple Arcade

If your main complaint about Apple Arcade has been that it isn’t silly enough, then you’re going to have to start eating your words. Because the utterly ridiculous Goat Simulator+ is out right now on Apple Arcade.

The game sees you controlling a goat, and that’s pretty much it. You’ve got sandbox levels to run through, crashing into anything you fancy and using your ridiculously long tongue to grab onto things. Want to blow that up? Jump off that? Climb up there? Then go for it.

It’s all about destruction and hilarity. Kind of like a game designed from the ground up to be played on YouTube. Or when you’ve got friends around and you’ve all imbibed enough of something to make you laugh at stupid things.

There are plenty of bugs to the game, but they’re meant to be there, in order to make things even stupider. One day someone will write a great philosophical thesis about the knowing stupidity of the human race in the end days of capitalism. Unless we’re all dead by then, because of how stupid we are.

You can click here to download Goat Simulator+ from the App Store right this second. We’re sick of typing this now, and we imagine you already have, but you’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription to play it.