Godzilla Destruction Lets you Destroy Whole Cities as the King of the Monsters

Who hasn’t wanted to be Godzilla at some point in their life? Stomping around, destroying everything, firing deadly heat rays at buildings that look at you funny. It sounds wonderful. And it’s exactly what Godzilla Destruction has to offer.

The game sees you taking on the role of Godzilla and leveling cities across the globe. It’s an action game that you control with just one finger, leading Godzilla on a rampage of destruction, because that’s just what monsters love to do.

Need to know more about the game? How about a trailer showcasing the level of destruction you can expect from the experience? Well, that’s exactly what we’ve embedded just below this paragraph. You’re welcome.

Looks pretty good right. The game is set to land on the App Store at the end of this month – April 27th to be precise, so you don’t have long to wait to get your hands on Godzilla’s spiky back and ride him to explosive glory.

You can find out more about Godzilla Destruction by checking out the game’s official Twitter by clicking here, or its official Facebook page by clicking right here.