Gorgeous Ecological Adventure Gibbons: Beyond the Trees Out Now on Apple Arcade

The latest game has landed on Apple Arcade, and this one looks rather special. It’s an ecological adventure called Gibbons: Beyond the Trees, and it sees you swinging through a beautiful forest using acrobatic moves.

The game comes from Broken Rules, the developer behind the also excellent Old Man’s Journey and Eloh. There’s an hour-long story mode the tells the tale of a family of gibbons, and an endless mode that sees you leaping through procedurally-generated jungle for as long as you can.

The movement here is based on brachiation, the way that real gibbons move through their forest homes. Seriously, it looks amazing – here’s a trailer that shows off just how amazing the game looks. Give it a look.

The backdrops are all hand-painted, and the game leads you through a variety of different environments – from the wild jungles of Southeast Asia to the hectic human world. It deals with important ecological topics as well – from deforestation and habitat lost to poaching and climate change.

You can click here to download Gibbons: Beyond the Trees from the App Store. You’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription to play it, but this is one of those games that makes the subscription service so appealing.