Featured Image for our news on GPixel - Turn Based Racing. It features a few racing cars on a mustard yellow background. The logo of the game is in black and white.

New Game GPixel – Turn Based Racing Is Nostalgia Coupled With Strategy

Did you ever play the paper and pencil (or pen and pencil) game Racetrack? Well, JesterDay has launched a somewhat similar digital version of the game. Titled GPixel – Turn Based Racing, the title launches today on iOS and Android.

Racetrack, also known as VectorRace, is a multiplayer game that simulates a car race. You track each car’s movement with your pen or pencil on a sheet of squared paper. The rules are simple yet mathematical while the game is quite strategic. Which is why, it’s also used as an educational tool in teaching vectors.

Drive Safely, Please

So, back to today’s hero of the story: GPixel – Turn Based Racing puts a spin on the old-school Racetrack game. You’ll be racing on a pixel grid like it’s a doodle on squared paper. Flex those brain muscles and plan your moves ahead to outsmart your rivals.

There are tons of modes to explore. Race against the clock to test your time management chops. Or, get to the finish line using the least number of moves. Oh, and don’t forget to check the weather report before hopping on your kart! Your days and nights might change weather every now and then, from cloudy days to foggy nights.

There’s even a World Tour mode that lets you hit the global leaderboards and become the ultimate pixel racer. Want to squad up with friends for more fun? Yep, you can do that, too!  Play with up to three friends on the same phone. No friends? No problem! Let AI be your friend and challenge you to a race.

GPixel – Turn Based Racing lets you explore 28 wild circuits and 20 different looks. You can deck out your car in a rainbow of colours. It’s a casual game that takes you on a nostalgic joyride. So, go on and get the game from the App Store.

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