Grab Florence for Less Than a Dollar Right Now

Florence is an awesome game. It’s about love and loss and youth and it’s going to leave you with a lump in your throat. And right now you can pick it up for less than a dollar from the App Store. Our recommendation? You should definitely do that.

The game tells the story of Florence and her first love. There are ups, there are downs, there’s heartbreak, and it’s all told in the most beautiful way. Basically this is an interactive story that you’re going to play through in a single sitting, and you’re going to adore every second of it.

Florence was built by the lead designer of the also wonderful Monument Valley, and it has a similar wistful, dream-like quality to it. Fewer crow people, though. This is a game that’s lovely in all of the right ways, and we really can’t write enough nice things about it.

So we’re not going to try. Instead you can click here to pick Florence up from the App Store right now for 99c. That’s a saving of a couple of bucks on how much it usually costs, and if you haven’t played it yet you’d be an absolute fool not to grab it for that super low price.