Grab Star Nomad 2 for Half Price on the App Store Right Now

Star Nomad 2 is a game about space. Not personal space, but the cosmos – and every action you take is going to shape how the cosmos responds to you. It’s a massive, sandbox experience filled with factions, lasers and trade and right now you can pick it up for half price.

Inspired by the likes of Elite, the game takes a top-down perspective on things and throws in some roguelite elements as well. You’ve got a ship, it’s up to you what you want to do with it. Fancy some piracy? Maybe some legitimate trading? How about just wandering around and seeing what’s out there? Knock yourself out.

There are random events and quests to deal with as well, and the changing shape of the political universe too. You need to be smart if you want to stay a step ahead of the competition. Or you could just destroy them in massive space battles.

You’re going to need at least an iPhone 6 to play this. Not just for the processing power, but because the recommended screen size is at least 5.5 inches. Any smaller and things are going to be a little bit too fiddly.

Star Nomad 2 would usually set you back $7.99, but right now you can back it for the much, much lower price of $3.99. Click here and you can bag Star Nomad 2 right this second for half of what you’d usually be paying.