Grab Star Wars Classic Knights of the Old Republic for Half Price

Knights of the Old Republic isn’t just one of the best Star Wars games, it’s one of the best RPGs period. Developed by Bioware it sees you going on a galaxy-spanning journey of discovery filled with tactical combat, amazing characters and memorable moments. And right now you can get it for a ridiculously low price.

The game first came out on the original Xbox, and it’s been out on iOS for a while now. This port squishes everything that made the original so brilliant into the palm of your hand without losing a single shred of the greatness. It’s still a breathtaking accomplishment all these years later.

Set millennia before the original trilogy, the game tells the story of an aspiring Jedi, a megalomaniacal Sith Lord and the rag tag band of Wookiees, smugglers, soldiers and more who team up to try and stop him. There’s more to it than that, but if you’ve got this far in life without someone spoiling the plot twists we’re certainly not going to be the ones to do it.

It might be old, it might be a little clunky compared to some modern RPGs, but KOTOR is still absolutely brilliant. And if you buy it this second you’re only going to be paying $4.99 for all of that goodness. That is an absolutely ridiculous price for one of the best games ever.

Click here and you can grab Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic from the App Store for that staggeringly low price. If you haven’t worked it out yet, we highly recommend you do that if you haven’t already finished the game twice, like we have.

Do you think that’s a brilliant price for KOTOR? Got your own fond memories of the game to share? Well, all of those things are what comments sections are for, so make sure you stick some words in the one below this paragraph.