Grab Teslagrad From the App Store for Less Than a Dollar

Teslagrad is a brilliant mixture of a platformer, a puzzler and a bunch of other things, and right now you can pick it up for less than a dollar from the App Store. Should you be doing that? Well read on and we’ll let you know. Spoiler: yes.

The game tells a steampunk story of electricity and magic and a tower that holds the secrets of the age. There’s magnetism thrown in there as well, because you can’t have electricity and magic without magnetism – nature’s magical electricity.

What else is there? How about a gorgeous, unique art style, a whole bunch of classic old-school boss fights and a whole bunch of different mechanics to unlock as you play. And on top of that it’s just an awful lot of fun.

Teslagrad offers pretty much everything you could want from a smart, platforming puzzle game. And the fact that it costs 99c right now – down from its usual price of $6.99 – well, that just makes it even more enticing.

You can click here to pick up Teslagrad from the App Store right now for that ridiculously low price. Should you click there to pick up Teslagrad from the App Store right now? Yes, you definitely should. The end.