Grab the Awesome Severed for Just 99c Right Now

Severed is a brilliant action game that sees you slicing literal chunks off of your foes. And you can turn the bits you cut off them into weapons. You’re almost literally beating monsters to death with their own legs. What a time to be alive.

And right now the game is on sale for super, ridiculously cheap. So cheap that you shouldn’t even be reading this news story, you should just be going to the App Store to pick it up. Seriously, it’s really good and really cheap.

Maybe you need more convincing? Okay, the game has won loads of awards, it looks stunning and it’s got a brilliant story. We mentioned the beating things to death with their own leg part, yeah? Oh and it’s got an awesome soundtrack too. Here’s a trailer for even more proof.

We really, really like Severed, and we want as many people to play it as possible. We even liked it when it came out on the PS Vita, that’s how much we like it. And for 99c it is, without a doubt, an absolute bargain.

You can click here to grab Severed from the App Store for that bonkers price. Trust us, you’re not going to regret it. And if you do regret it, we don’t know if we can be friends anymore. Sorry, but you understand, right?