Grab the Brilliant Cosmic Express for Better Than Half Price

Cosmic Express is, by far, the best game about planning intergalactic train routes on the App Store. And we’re not just saying that because it’s the only game on the App Store about planning intergalactic train routes we can think of right now. It’s just really rather brilliant. And right now you can get it for better than half price.

The game, which comes from the minds behind the brilliant A Good Snowman is Hard to Build and A Monster’s Expedition, is a puzzle game about getting trains from A to B across space habitiats. It’s a lot more complex than that sounds, though.

You need to avoid crashes, pick up and drop off passengers, and ensure that your tracks pass everything that it needs to pass. It’s a bright and splendid puzzler that’s fun and frustrating in equal measures. Check it out in the trailer we’ve embedded below.

Looks pretty awesome, right? It’s the sort of game that you’re going to spend hours playing. There are, after all, more than a hundred levels to sink your teeth into. And you’re going to be sinking, right down to the gum.

And right now you can grab the game for just $1.99. That’s way cheaper than the $4.99 that it usually costs. Click here and you can download Cosmic Express from the App Store for that splendidly low price.