Grab the Brilliant RTS Iron Marines for Just 99c

Iron Marines is the game that showed just how good the RTS could be on touchscreen. It takes the shape of the genre and throws in some fresh ideas to create a challenging and addictive sci-fi battler. And right now you can pick it up for less than a buck.

The game comes from Ironhide, the studio behind the Kingdom Rush series, and it shows. Not just in the art style, but in the tower defense ideas that run through its DNA. Don’t let that put you off, though, this is an RTS that can hold its own with the best in the world.

It’s challenging too, forcing you to think strategically at every turn or risk getting overrun. Let’s watch a trailer.

There are more than 20 campaign missions to complete, a whole heap of achievements to unlock and some other challenges to take on, too. Throw in a variety of difficulty settings and you’ve got a massive game by any reckoning.

And right now you can get it all for 99c. Click here to download Iron Marines from the App Store for that beautifully low, low price.