Grab the Brilliant Rush Rally 3 for Cheap Right Now

Rush Rally 3 is one of the best racing games on the App Store. It captures the filth and thrash of rallying pretty much perfectly and right now you can pick it up for pretty darn cheap.

The game sees you driving a series of super-powered cars through mud, sand, ice and more. There are a whole bunch of cars to collect as well as a number of different modes to try and ace. It’s not just about time trials either.

You can try a full career, compete in single events or bash it out in tight and fantastic rally cross races. There’s a big suite of multiplayer modes as well, letting you compete with other players online or in the same room. Sick.

Rush Rally 3 looks gorgeous, whizzing along at 60fps. The graphics are up among the best on the App Store, and describing them as console quality isn’t too far off.

And right now you can grab all of this for the low price of $2.99. That’s a saving of a couple of bucks from it’s usual price of $4.99. Click here and you can grab Rush Rally 3 from the App Store for its new low price. You’d better hurry, though.