Grab the Brilliant Shadowmatic for Half Price Right This Second

Shadowmatic is a wonderful game of light manipulation that won a bunch of awards when it first came out a few years ago, including the coveted Apple Design Award. And now you can pick it up for half price. You probably should, too.

Each level of the game sees a number of shapes dangling in front of a light. It’s up to you to move those shapes around to reveal a secret hidden object in their shadow. It’s a really simple premise, but it’s brilliantly calming and throws in some super clever ideas too.

There are 130 different levels set across five different rooms, so that’s a whole load of game to sink your teeth into. Throw in some secondary objectives and you’re left with an experience that’s going to last you a good few hours.

We’ve embedded a trailer below so you can see a bit more of what the game’s about. And so you can get a glimpse of just how gorgeous it is. Seriously, it’s really gorgeous.

A new level pack was released a while back that adds even more to the experience. That’s available as an IAP for $1.99. And you can grab the main game for $1.99 at the moment too. Click here and you can download Shadowmatic from the App Store for half price.

Have you already played Shadowmatic? Would you recommend it for this new lower price? Well let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this paragraph. Go on, you know you want to.