Grab Wanna Survive for Cheaper Than Usual Right Now

Wanna Survive is a streamlined turn-based zombie battler with a load of tricks up its sleeve. It’s fast, fun and challenging enough that you’re going to have to have your wits about you to win. And right now it’s a dollar off on the App Store.

The game pares back the turn-based strategy genre and focuses on scraps against multiple mob-style enemies, unit placement and combining your characters to the greatest effect.

You’re trying to make your way through an undead-riddled city, picking up fellow survivors as you go. You’re going to have to figure out how to use them all if you want to make it through the hellish waves of flesh-munchers unscathed.

You can check out the trailer we’ve embedded below to get a better idea of what to expect from the game.

Looks pretty darn awesome, right? That retro aesthetic really fizzes and pops, and the scraps are tight enough that you’re going to be on the edge of your seat throughout.

Click here and you can download Wanna Survive right this second. The game is currently $1.99, down from its usual price of $2.99. That’s a pretty good deal, and since the game was worth it at full price, it’s a third more worth it now. That makes sense, right?

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