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Grand Kaizen Cursed Techniques Tier List

Trying to roll for peak? Our Grand Kaizen Cursed Techniques Tier List has you covered! If you want to know which technique is the goat, and which aren’t worth your time then stick around as we tell you our personal pick for the best.

Grand Kaizen enters you into the cursed jujutsu world of JJK. This game lets you become your very own sorcerer student. Join clans, fight curses and bosses, and be the best! With weapons and characters familiar to the franchise, there is no shortage of fun to have.

Check out Grand Kaizen over on Roblox. We also have a Grand Kaizen Codes guide if you’re after some freebies. As well as a Grand Kaizen Weapons Tier List.

Grand Kaizen Cursed Techniques Tier List

Don’t forget that tier lists are subjective! We try our best to create a tier list that can be most commonly agreed upon by using personal experience, player feedback and external sources. That said, this tier list still might not hit the back of the net for you which is OK!


OP! These techniques are perfected and offer versatility and insane strength.

  • Limitless
  • King of Curses


Strong, just not the best. These cursed techniques are still great choices if you’re struggling to roll for one of our S-Tier picks.

  • Cursed Spirit Manipulation
  • Disaster Plants


Average techniques, they have a few niche uses but overall aren’t that impressive.

  • Disaster Flames
  • Cursed Speech


Onto the weaker tiers, these techniques don’t offer many stats for improvement. Don’t settle for one of the techniques here, try getting a higher tier!

  • Sound Manipulation


Nah, I’d lose.

  • There’s nothing here! Because any cursed technique is better than none.

When We Update Our Tiers?

We update our tier lists regularly as new updates roll out that add new techniques, or change the balance of techniques currently in the game. To be sure you’re always up to date on the best, be sure to bookmark this page and check back soon!