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The BEST Grand Kaizen Weapons Tier List – February 2024

Whack whack! Our Grand Kaizen Weapons Tier List ranks all the current weapons in Grand Kaizen so you know which to take into combat. With our list, you know which bosses to target first so you can be the strongest! (Omg Gojo reference!)

Grand Kaizen enters you into the cursed jujutsu world of JJK. This game lets you become your very own sorcerer student. Join clans, fight curses and bosses, and be the best! With weapons and characters familiar to the franchise, there is no shortage of fun to have.

Check out Grand Kaizen over on Roblox. We also have a Grand Kaizen Codes guide if you’re after some freebies.

Grand Kaizen Weapons Tier List

Don’t forget that tier lists are subjective! We try our best to create a tier list that can be most commonly agreed upon by using personal experience, player feedback and external sources. That said, this tier list still might not hit the back of the net for you which is OK!


OP! You can definitely enter the battle with the “Nah, I’d win” mindset with these weapons at your clutches.

  • Yuta Sword – Currently Unobtainable
  • Inverted Spear of Heaven – Defeat Toji Boss


Strong! Don’t sleep on these because they’re not S-Tier. These weapons are great if you don’t have any of the higher-ranked weapons.

  • Kento Knife – Defeat Maki


Averagely good, averagely bad. These weapons offer a few niche uses and are good in a pinch. More suited to beginner players who are still getting the ropes!

  • Hand Sword – Defeat Haruta
  • Slaughter Demon – Acquired from Megumi during the first Level 10+ quest
  • Tetsubo – Weapons shop


Onto the weaker tiers, these weapons should stay early-game. They aren’t great long-term and are overall just quite… weak.

  • Jet Black Blade – Weapons Shop
  • Staff – Weapons Shop


You may as well surrender. This is the equivalent of throwing rocks at Sukuna and hoping he perishes.

  • There’s nothing here! Because naturally, any weapon is better than no weapon…