Feature image for our GPO Ships tier list which shows the boat seller on the first island who is inside a stone shack leaning out of an open gap to talk to passerbys. He has a small assortment of fruit in crates beneath his window

Grand Piece Online Ships Tier List

Ships like the boats, not character pairings! My Grand Piece Online Ships Tier List ranks all the different boats in the game from best to worst so you know which to buy for safe travels.

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Grand Piece Online Ships Tier List (May 2024)

Different environmental factors will alter your ship’s performance so it’s important to get the best ship for your travels across the first and second seas. Broken ships travel slower, and Rough Waters also halve your ship’s speed. If you don’t want to become a trainee Shipwright, be sure to aim for the S-tier or A-tier boats.


Best of the best! These ships brave the harsh waters of GPO and have excellent health and speed making them ol’ reliable.

  • Hoverboard – Obtained using Robux, or a 1% drop from Gravito
  • Striker – Obtained via Gamepass (Fastest ship in the game if you eat the Flame Flame Fruit!)


It might not be the Thousand Sunny, but they’re good runners-ups. If you can’t afford or access the ships in the S-Tier, then these boats will comfortably sail you between islands.

  • Coffin Boat – Obtained via Gamepass
  • Thrilled Ship – Obtained via Gamepass


Average ships. They’re better than the starter boats, but begin to struggle when in harsher seas.

  • Galleon – Obtained using Peli
  • Caravel – Obtained using Peli
  • Flamingo Boat – Gamepass or Love Empress drop during events
  • Cupid Boat – Gamepass or Cupid Queen drop during events


These boats are weak but make do. They do their best to help you travel between islands but aren’t cut for the Second Sea and its hostilities.

  • Rowboat – Obtained using Peli


You may as well be Luffy in a barrel back in the East Blue.

  • There are currently no D-Tier ships!