Grand Summoners

Grand Summoners Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you’re an anime fan who wants to enjoy exciting battles on your smartphone, then you should definitely give Grand Summoners a shot. It’s an anime-inspired RPG title developed by Aidis and NextNinja. As with most other games in its genre, Grand Summoners is an infusion of RPG mechanics and strategic elements.

In Grand Summoners, your primary objective is to build teams, deploy heroes, and fight against other players for victory. However, it isn’t simple as it sounds. The game mechanics and profusion of features may get you confused in the first place. If you’re a beginner, we recommend this Grand Summoners guide to learn about the game’s basic mechanics, characters, and progression system.

Re-Roll for The Best Heroes

Grand Summoners best heroes
Image source: NextNinja

It’s no secret that the RPG title has a massive collection of characters called Heroes. Grand Summoners has hundreds of characters to choose from that you will use during battles. However, it doesn’t mean that every hero will cut it for you.

Therefore, you should be only re-rolling for the best characters at the beginning of the game. Grand Summoners give some complimentary re-rolls when you install the game. Therefore re-roll again and again and get the strongest characters for the team.

Upgrade your Heroes and Gears

Ascending heroes in Grand Summoners
Image source: NextNinja

Upgrading heroes and gears is an essential move of RPG games, and Grand Summoners is no different. As you make progress in the game, you will get the opportunity to unlock more heroes and items.

However, using them at their base level is not viable, so we highly recommend upgrading them over time to enhance their strength and skills. However, it’s worth noting that you should be selective when upgrading heroes and gears as it requires a ton of resources.

Play PvP mode

Arena mode
Image source: NextNinja

PvP is an acronym used for player vs. player battles in online games. In Grand Summoners, you can challenge other players at the Arena to earn a handful of rewards and items. However, bear in mind that each arena battle will deplete an arena orb. Hence, we strongly recommend avoiding playing too many PvP matches in Grand Summoners. Your goal should be saving those arena orbs and farming them for other things.

Use Auto-Battle Feature

As it’s clear from the name, the Auto-Battle feature will automatically deploy characters and fight for you without your interaction, It’s a pretty helpful feature, especially for beginners who are still learning about the basics of Grand Summoners. However, it would be best if you do not rely on this feature at higher levels and manually control your heroes.

Complete Quest and Stories

Grand Summoners quest box
Image source: NextNinja

Story mode is an integral part of Grand Summoners as it allows you to work through a bunch of quests. These quests are pretty easy to accomplish and reward players with various resources such as crystals, Players can eventually use these materials to ascend their characters, gears, and more.

To access the quest menu in Grand Summoners, navigate to the main menu and then quests. You can tap on any quest to check its requirements and guide to complete it. Complete all the missions of each quest to get the most out of it.

That concludes our comprehensive beginner’s guide for Grand Summoners, including all the tips and tricks to get started quickly. Make sure you check out other guides and walkthroughs for other games at iFanZine.