Featured Image for Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition. It features three images from each of the three titles in the trilogy along with the logo in white and gold.

Nick ‘Em Cars As Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Launches On iOS Today!

After all the hype and anticipation, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy for mobile is finally here! If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you must have dipped your hands into it already! If not, how to play it and what to expect from the game? Follow along as we answer all your head-scratchers!

Netflix subscribers get to play Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy for no extra coin. If you aren’t one, you can grab each game at $20 from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Also, FYI, the Netflix standard subscription starts at $15.49 a month.

Is Three A Crowd?

Nah! In the gaming world, the more, the better, right? Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was dropped back in November 2021 for PC, Switch, PS4, PS5 and Xbox. It compiles three games of the Grand Theft Auto series: GTA III (2001), GTA: Vice City (2002) and GTA: San Andreas (2004).

The action-adventure trilogy lets you play from a third-person, tackling missions with set goals to roll through the story. Initially, the trilogy faced a bit of heat as players were experiencing weird visual bugs and technical issues like broken waypoints. The developers have rolled out updates to fix things up on those platforms.

From Los Santos To Liberty

The whole bug thing led to a delay in its mobile release getting pushed back to December 2023. Now, GTA Trilogy mobile has got a visual upgrade with a new Classic Lighting mode and other features. Let’s give you a breakdown of what’s cooking with each game in a jiffy!

In GTA III, your destination is the gritty streets of Liberty City in the early 2000s. Claude is back in the stealing business, looting cars, causing chaos, and making it to the most wanted list. The dark humour in GTA III is its USP, apart from features like hidden packages and cheats. Check out the game from the App Store.

Travel back in time, to the ‘80s, in GTA Vice City. Full of neon vibes, dive into pastel districts, pulsating nightclubs, and a world of crooked gangsters. As Tommy Vercetti, the car thief, encounter deeper crimes in the city, from corruption to a cruel chase for power. Get the game from the App Store.

Finally, head to the early ‘90s Los Santos, San Andreas as CJ. A lot’s going down in your hometown, from family drama to a neighbourhood taken over by gangsters. Explore the nooks and corners of the city, dealing with gang wars and corrupt police. Take charge of the streets, rebuilding your family legacy in your own Godfather-style story. Try out the game from the App Store and see for yourself!

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