GravitX is a Casual Game That Turns Your Head and Neck into a Big Joystick

It’s not often that we come across an entirely new concept in the world of mobile games, but GravitX absolutely qualifies. 

The gameplay sees you guiding a ball around on a series of surfaces, all the while making sure to avoiding obstacles and pitfalls while passing through a succession of checkpoints. So far so familiar. 

The twist is in the input method. GravitX is the first game we’ve come across that you control entirely with your head. Using face-tracking technology, the game turns your uppermost extremity into a giant joystick that you have to rock and swivel to guide the ball to its goal. It’s pretty wild.

GravitX effectively makes you dance, albeit only from the neck up. To accompany your moves developer Improvis’s top-notch sound engineers have created a seamless, utterly satisfying audio-visual experience. 

The gameplay is fun, the design is slick and tasteful, and GravitX is unlike anything we’ve played before.

Nod almighty

But its uses extend beyond mere hijinks. GravitX has tangible health benefits, too. The technological age is terrible for our eyes, forcing us to flit between phones, computer monitors, tablets, and other kinds of screens. 

A ten minute session with GravitX gives your eyes a real workout, while additionally improving concentration and peripheral vision. At least, that’s the claim of Mao Shing Ni, L.Ac, D.O.M, PhD. And who are we to argue with all those letters?

GravitX provides a good workout for your neck, too. Finnish researchers in 2003 found that isometric strength training decreases pain and disability in women with chronic neck pain over an extended period. The spine is designed to be mobile.

And, of course, GravitX is a godsend for anybody with the kind of mobility issues or limb impairments that make traditional video games impossible to play.

To try it out for yourself for free, head on over to the App Store