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Grimoires Era Accessory Tier List – Which Accessory Is The Best?

Well, it looks stylish, but is it any good? Our Grimoires Era Accessory Tier List answers that question! My rankings are built on personal experience, so you may find that you don’t agree with the choices which is fine. I have tried to justify my reasonings though, so let’s get into it!

Grimoires Era is the newest entry into the Black Clover Roblox-verse. After the beginning quests of squashing Bandits, you can get your hands on your first grimoire! In this open-world RPG, magic flourishes and takes you to some dark corners where foes utilizing magic for wrong are waiting. With boss fights, PvP and so much loot to uncover there is no shortage of fun!

Check out Grimoires Era over on Roblox. For more tiers check out my RoBending Element Tier List.

Grimoires Era Accessory Tier List

Now remember that my suggestions for the best are just that! Tier lists are subjective in nature, and my pick for the best is based on my play style. My rankings are due to change too with the addition of new accessories with better/worse buffs and overall game update nerfs. So please check back soon to make sure you aren’t missing out on my picks!


OP and the best! These are my picks for the absolute best accessories to rock within Grimoires Era. With these, you’re dripped out AND fierce!

  • Wizard Hat: +500 Health – Huge health buff which comes in clutch. This accessory could be the difference between life and death in some fights
  • Mana Glasses: +500 Mana – Massive Mana increase lets you unleash powerful magic attacks for longer and be a much more fierce opponent


Decent, just not the best! These accessories offer strong buffs and are great alternatives if you don’t have access to any in the S-Tier. Chances are you’ll end up with one of these long-term.

  • Sai – Whether you prefer to fight with magic or weapons, the Sai is a great weapon to have in your arsenal
  • Mars Coat: +100 Health +200 Mana – It may be controversial putting a Legendary item in A-tier but being a game pass only makes this accessory not that accessible. Great to have if you do though!
  • Yuno Necklace: +200 Health +100 Mana – Same as the Mars Coat. It’s great to have but not that accessible


Average accessories with average buffs. Nothing too special but overall mid.

  • Scarf: +200 Health – A pretty hearty health increase! Definitely good to have if you’re in a pinch and know you need that extra HP to keep you going
  • Bracelets: +100 Mana – In the early game this is a great accessory to have since it provides a massive Mana boost. It’s a bit futile later on, but whilst you’re growing your magic this really helps!
  • Mace – The Mace is a pretty good early-game weapon that deals decent DMG


Onto the weaker tiers, these accessories are alright if you don’t have ANYTHING else, though I wouldn’t settle for these long term. Even if they look cool.

  • SilverSword – There are better weapons, though this does hold its own. It’s just a very basic blade.
  • Necklace: +100 Health – For similar reasons as the bracelet, this provides a great boost early game. Though long term it doesn’t hold up well since Stat Points and levelling contribute to your growth more than this necklace.


You may as well run free dripless. These accessories are better left unequipped.

  • There is nothing here. Because any accessory is better than no accessory!