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Grimoires Era Grimoire Tier List – Which Magic Is The Strongest?

Want to know my choice for the Grimoire spin-to-win? This Grimoires Era Grimoire Tier List answers that! My rankings come from personal experience so expect some differences between my thougths and yours. After all tier lists are subjective, but I hope my rankings satisfy!

Grimoires Era is the newest entry into the Black Clover Roblox-verse. After the beginning quests of squashing Bandits, you can get your hands on your first grimoire! In this open-world RPG, magic flourishes and takes you to some dark corners where foes utilizing magic for wrong are waiting. With boss fights, PvP and so much loot to uncover there is no shortage of fun!

Check out Grimoires Era over on Roblox. For more tiers check out my RoBending Element Tier List.

Grimoires Era Grimoire Tier List

Now remember that my suggestions for the best are just that! Tier lists are subjective in nature, and my pick for the best is based on my play style. My rankings are due to change too with the addition of new Grimoires with better/worse buffs and overall game update nerfs. So please check back soon to make sure you aren’t missing out on my picks!


OP! These Grimoires are magical monsters. Mastering the spells of these will make you a serious threat to anyone who crosses your path.

  • Dark
  • Anti Magic


Little less than the best but still versatile and strong. If you get one of these Grimories then you are technically set for the entire game unless you fancy risking the respin. These Grimoires are powerful, so don’t underestimate them!

  • Wind


Average Grimoires with a few niche uses! Decent if you’re early game but don’t settle for these long-term.

  • Fire
  • Water


Weak, not the worst. If you get one of these Grimoires I reccomend respinning and trying your luck again.

  • Reinforcement
  • Bronze


These Grimoires are weak and aren’t worth the Mana spent on casting spells!

  • Regen