Grizzly – Review

A psychiatrist would probably have a field day with Grizzly‘s bizarre premise. I mean the sort of person who dreams up a game that features teddy bears taking to the streets and knocking the stuffing out of each other obviously has some deep-seated childhood issues, right?

Anyhow I’d better stop casting aspersions on Adam Winiecki’s mental well-being and get down to reviewing his game…

The first thing that will hit you about Grizzly is its unique visual style, the second is a furry fist. Doing away with unnecessary pleasantries, such as an opening cut-scene or tutorial, its straight into the action. And witnessing crudely animated animals go toe-to-toe against the backdrop of photo-realistic environments for the first time is utterly hilarious!

Controls are kept simple, and thankfully so, because you’ll most likely be too busy giggling uncontrollably at the sight of a koala bear repeatedly punching a rhinoceros in the face to pull off any overly complicated combos. That said, button mashing does nevertheless unleash some impressive attack moves.

There’s definitely nothing cute and cuddly about these critters as they fight tooth and claw; spinning through the air, coughing up furballs, and even ripping off each other’s heads. But don’t worry, Grizzly never gets too grisly, and its demented sense of humour is likely to be appreciated by all ages.

Negatives? Well, the lack of a story is slightly disappointing given Grizzly’s inherent scope for satire (a Fight-Club spoof with teddy bears anyone?), while some Mortal Kombat inspired fatalities would’ve suited the 90’s fighting franchise riffing nature of the game perfectly. Okay, okay, so it’s not exactly Tekken, but what Grizzly is, is fun. And whether you’re looking for a decent fighting game or just some laughs, this game has it all!

iFanzine Verdict: A surreal Street Fighter send-up that has to be seen to be believed. Or even better, played.

6 out of 10

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