Featured Image for Gubbins, the game. It features the logo of Gubbins with a colourful background full of doodles of clouds, rainbows, trees.

Scrabble-like Game Gubbins Hits The Game Scene Today

I love words. Maybe it sounds cliché since I’m a writer, but it’s true. And whenever there is a fresh word challenge around, I give it a shot. Studio Folly has launched a new game, Gubbins, for word buffs like me. It’s globally out today on iOS and Android. A free-to-play game with optional in-app purchases, it’s a puzzle game that lets you play with, well, of course, words!

It’s Silly, Apparently!

The primary goal is to make words (obviously). But it’s not the same old boring process of constructing words. It has doodle-style art, vibrant symbols, and colourful tiles that you need to arrange to build words and earn points. Take a sneak peek into the game in this official trailer.

You get different layouts with tiles of letters, which will make up the words. If you need hints, you can take the help of Gubbins. There are 25 different Gubbins, which you can collect as you progress into the game.

Oh, and I can go on and on about these cute little Gubbins! From trumpets with faces to walking mushrooms, each Gubbin is delightfully appealing. The Gubs are divided into Bad and Good and each performs a different task than the other.

For instance, the Skateboard, a bad Gub, will flip a random letter across the board. On the other hand, the Cassette will add a random 3-letter word to the line. Selecting the wrong Gubbin at the wrong time will disintegrate your progress, and you might be back to square 1!

At the end of each game, you can even share a postcard on your socials using the words you’ve created. Unlike most other word games, you can create polite, and, ahem, impolite words, which makes the game way more fun! So, go ahead, download the game from the App Store, and give it a try.

Make Cool Words With Gubbins

Gubbins is a word game with funny Gubb interventions and cute artwork. It lets you play different levels every day, so it’s definitely not going to be monotonous. Also, check out this new game, Domino: The Little One, where you can play and learn to tackle global warming.